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Digital Therapeutics: the Keys to Success

What are digital therapeutics? How are they impacting healthcare? What’s the potential behind? Here are some tips for startups that are looking at launching a DTx app.

Digital Therapeutics (DTx) have been under the spotlight this past year. They have the potential to become a game-changer in healthcare for patients, healthcare professionals, pharmaceuticals and insurance companies. The Digital Therapeutics Alliance developed a definition to differentiate DTx solutions from health and wellness apps.

Digital Therapeutics: the Keys to Success

The tipping point of the rise of DTx was Pear Therapeutics becoming the first Prescription Therapeutic Solution to receive clearance from FDA for reSET in September 2017. The ReSET Prescription Digital Therapeutic (PDT), developed in collaboration with Sandoz, treats patients with Substance Use Disorder (SUD). The second milestone was when Pear signed a collaboration deal with Novartis to co-develop digital therapeutics for schizophrenia and multiple sclerosis in March 2018.

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Digital Therapeutics: the Keys to Success

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