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Solutions e-Mental Health in Spain

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Mental health has become the spotlight following the covid pandemic, being the major consequence for the years to come.

It also means that attention increased regarding the importance of taking care of one's mental health while decreasing the stigma a little bit. (It's ok to not be 100% mentally well).

Many companies have been working on e-mental health solutions, using technology to support mental health issues like anxiety and stress to depression and conditions like ADHD, Alzheimer or Parkinson's. Those solutions are targeting:

  • Patients/consumers to help them manage their own mental health, from emotional wellbeing to treatment, to offering tools to find the right professionals or doing a visit directly online.

  • Employers to help them take care of their employees' mental health.

  • Healthcare professionals/therapists to help them manage their business and appointments with their clients better to detecting mental diseases earlier or offering innovative treatment.

Spain has been very active in this area those past years, with solutions flourishing across the country. You can find them on the map below:

If you are a Spanish company or active on the Spanish market with your e-mental health solution but can't see your solution on the map, fill this form to be included in the next version.

Versión del mapa en Castellano:

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