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The New Era of Health Insurtech in the Insurance Industry

The digitization of the healthcare insurance sector is happening. Although they have been a bit slower in adopting digital solutions, compared to other players like pharma companies, insurers are getting into the game and slowly digitizing their services.

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As McKinsey mentioned in a recent report, digitization is needed to face the rising costs of claims and the complexity of claim management. Technological tools can help decomplexing insurance while making the end-to-end operational processes, from data input to payment, smoother.

There is a clear shift in the insurance industry, from thinking in terms of prices to services.  The main players have been expanding their services those past years and focusing more on the end-users. Sanitas was the 1st digital insurance in Spain. Through the BLUA app, customers can make a video consultation with their doctors, nutritionist, sports coach, etc. Additional services include online prescription, medicines delivered directly at the doorstep or even at home blood test. DKV launched their ‘Quiero cuidarme más’ platform: customers can securely access all their medical information, make a video consultation online with a doctor, access discounted medical products or obtain their health score.

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