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Innovating in Digital Medicine – Used Case of Hospital Sanitas CIMA Barcelona

On January 28th 2020, we organised a special edition of our Health 2.0 Barcelona meetings in hospital Sanitas CIMA in Barcelona.

The hospital has been very active developing and implementing solutions to digitise the hospital and the services offered to the customers and patients through their digital medicine department.

Hospital CIMA Innovation Team

Antoni Giro, Jose Luis Gonzalez, Jorge Velazquez and Cesar Morcillo, presented some of the services and solutions they have been putting into place across and outside the hospital:

  1. The Blua video-consultation, which enables patients to visit their doctor from the confort of their home, across Spain and beyond 24/7 or even receive their prescription directly at home.

  2. Connected Health, a service to monitor patients with cardiac condition or hypertension for example 24/7. Patients on the program receive wearables to measure their vitals daily. The measurements are submitted directly to the Connected Health platform and if there is an issue, a nurse will contact the patient immediately.

  3. Eliza, a chatbot app that enables mental health assessment for patients, automatic check-in when you get at the hospital and support healthcare professionals with the visit documentation burden.

  4. At home Digital Hospital, enabling specific patients to remain at home instead of being hospitalised with a close customized 24/7 monitoring.

  5. Cameras in the new born incubators, so parents can check on and see their babies whenever they are not at the hospital.

  6. Geolocalization, will enable not only to know where patients are at any time within the hospital but also to be able to update families and carers when the patients are in the operating room, when they leave, etc

You can check the recording of the event (all in Spanish!) on Health 2.0 Barcelona Youtube channel and review the slides: Innovación Medicina Digital CIMA Sanitas para health20bcn

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